Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blue Orient ~

A picture is worth ten thousand words~

By Fred Barnard (American), March 10,1927,
and often mis-quoted as
an old Chinese proverb~

~ Blue Orient ~

Blue puddle picture by Blu.


  1. I'll be looking at puddles more closely in future. They are brilliant. It's a world that is ours but we can't enter even though we step into it.

  2. yeah...I lost...many people misunderstood the message. But I'm happy that there are some intelligent persons here too, like you for example :-)
    The picture gives me a really good feeling because I'm not really a summer loving person. I like fall and winter, when trees loose their leafs and I can wrap myself in a warm coat and enjoy the snow or stay home on my sofa with a hot ginger-tea: Fall is wonderful in northern Germany and the winter isn't that cold and hard but really beautiful. I'm looking forward to it even though many people can't understand this.

  3. Beautiful, thoughtful work. I'll be back. Found you through a mutual blogger, Robert Brault. I fell he's one of the best writers I've discovered on the internet, and those who visit him appear to also be very bright and stimulating. Thanks. donkimrey